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I’m Pamela Blake, your host here on this unique platform.

It’s a privilege to introduce you to the profound literary legacy of my late husband, David Isaak, a brilliant author who left us five extraordinary novels. Celebrating his creative prowess, these works–TomorrowvilleA Map of the EdgeThings UnseenEarthly Vessels, and Smite the Waters–have been assembled into The Isaak Collection, which I am excited to share with you.

This site is more than just a bookshelf; it’s a gathering place to ponder and exchange ideas around themes David held dear, ones that continue to resonate deeply with me. The blog spaces act as lively salons, where we—you, I, and David through writings he left behind—can delve into topics ranging from social justice and cultural experiences to the intricate artistry of writing and even the science of crafting cocktails. Your participation will enrich these conversations, so you are warmly invited to contribute your thoughts, experiences, and insights.

Latest Release

Things Unseen

Walker, an emotionally frigid materialist, is propelled by the murder of his sister into an exploration of a world of alternative metaphysical viewpoints.