The Isaak Collection

David T. Isaak (1954-2021)

Dr. Isaak held a BA in Physics and MA and PhD degrees in resource systems (a subdiscipline of geography). His professional work spanned the globe, taking him to over forty countries, far-flung from his native California: the Mideast, Europe, Australasia and Oceania, China, the Netherlands Antilles, and all across the US. In his professional life he became fluent in several computer languages, developed detailed models for both local and global energy systems, was the VP of research for a global energy firm, and was a consultant on the broad technoeconomic of the hydrocarbon industry. He co-authored three technical, non-fiction books on oil and international politics, and wrote numerous papers, monographs, and multiclient studies. 

David had an eclectic life. His early work before university included stints as dishwasher, agricultural worker, dock worker, and night watchman at a mushroom factory, with occasional turns as a life drawing model. His first major in college was music, and he played piano and flute. He was also a certified Bikram yoga instructor, an accomplished vegetarian cook, a creative mixologist, and an avid reader of fiction and nonfiction alike. He absorbed everything ever written by JRR Tolkien, Patrick O’Brien, Rex Stout, Connie Willis, Robert Jordan, Roger Zelazny, Isaac Asimov, Carolyn and Lisa See, Jamie Ford, Neil Gaiman, Terry Pratchett, Mary Renault, Tom Sharpe. The list goes on – he was driven by great characters and story, original voices, and especially by his love of the craft of writing. David’s own writing reflects the influence of these pivotal authors. 

David passed away in April 2021 after a major stroke. The five novels he left behind are as diverse as his life and span a spectrum of genres, including thrillers, mystery, romance, magical realism, esotericism, and cyberpunk future sci-fi. His novels are infused with his trademark humor and insights and shine with his love of style.