Smite the Waters

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Aging billionaire Rex Atwater plans to leave his mark on history through a crazed act of antiterrorist terrorism that will dwarf 9-11: nuking the holy city of Mecca. He recruits an unlikely team of misfits and burnouts: Carla Smukowski, an alcoholic has-been Special Forces ace; Dr. Gerald Graves, an IAEA scientist who knows everything about nuclear vulnerabilities; and The Ethan Allen Brigade, a ragtag right-wing militia whose de facto leader, Boyce Hammond, also happens to be an undercover FBI agent left out in the cold far too long.

The scheme is complex. They must hijack a closely monitored nuclear waste shipment from Indonesia, build it into a bomb, deliver the device to Mecca without being found out, and survive. But with Atwater’s money, Carla’s tough, uncompromising expertise and leadership, Gerald’s vast knowledge, and The Allens’ firepower, the task begins to look just possible.