Society and Culture

David’s novels wove creatively around topics of social and cultural relevance. This newsletter thread digs into some of those topics, beginning with a pivotal theme in Tomorrowville: civil forfeiture in the United States. Civil forfeiture is a legal practice in the United States that allows law enforcement agencies to seize property and assets from individuals suspected … Read more

The Craft of Writing

David tackled the writing of his novels as he did everything in life: He absorbed all the material he could find, digested that information, and made it his own. This thread of the newsletter examines some of his sources of inspiration, drawing on his own blog as well as on updates from the sources. This … Read more

The Craft of Cocktails

David was an expert mixologist, employing his background in chemistry to categorize the world of cocktails and create delicious, original, and taste-tingling drinks. This first post looks at David’s signature cocktail, the OC Negroni. There are various definitions of a cocktail floating around. I take the simple view (as did David) that a cocktail is a … Read more